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iStart Russian

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Vývojář: InteLDrom

We are excited to offer the iStart Russian app algorithm developed to integrate myriads of Russian realms into your memory.

Rapid fire memory boost activated by the iStart Russian app is addictive in a positive way, converting the massive data into entertaining content and driving you to learn Russian language religiously.

Themes are multifaceted, ranging from auto parts, food, cosmetics, underwear, jewellery, shoes, bags, hair styles and gym facility, to human anatomy and plastic surgery. Add legal documents, atmospheric phenomena, fairy tale creatures, you name it.

The iStart Russian app allows you to practice a category by category in a standalone mode and automagically tracks your progress.

The iStart Russian app relentlessly juggles the words to make sure you cement your skills whatever the scenario.

The iStart Russian app content is polished by a Russian interpreter-turned-programmer, accumulated an outstanding experience in helping clients to acquire foreign language skills.

The iStart Russian requires no Internet connection.

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